Southall Gasworks

Dismantling our gas holders

Preparing the site for regeneration at the old Gasworks, Southall.

With advances in gas storage technology, the gas holders at the former Southall Gasworks are no longer required and have been decommissioned. A small area of the site, which has been retained by National Grid, is all we need to safely and securely store and supply gas.

We’re supporting the regeneration of this key site. Our work to remove the gas holders is an important step in delivering new homes, jobs and new community facilities for Southall. Berkeley West Thames, the landowner, will carry out the regeneration of the site. You can find out more about their plans by clicking here.

About National Grid

National Grid is an international energy infrastructure company. We connect people to the power that makes everyday life possible. In Britain, our systems deliver gas and electricity, lighting and heating homes and keeping factories and offices going.

Our portfolio of land ranges from offices, depots and shops to former gasworks sites. Across the country we are working to bring our former industrial sites back to life, creating homes, jobs and opportunities.

Site Update

To date, we’ve finished dismantling three of the telescopic gasholders. Work continues on the one remaining telescopic gasholder and the tall blue gasholder, known as the MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg) holder.

Our work to dismantle the MAN holder is well underway. The dismantling process is carried out piece by piece. The roof is first raised with specialist equipment, before it’s then cut and lowered, making it safe to dismantle the lower sheets of the gasholder.

During our work, you may notice an increase in traffic movements to remove the sheets of metal. Our approved planning conditions state that vehicles entering the site will use the A4020, Woodlands Road and then Beaconsfield road. Vehicles exiting the site will use B eaconsfield Road, and either Ranelagh Road or Trinity Road before joining the A4020.

When using this route we have volunteered to adhere to additional restrictions to avoid vehicle movements during school drop-off and pick-up times (8am -9am and 3pm - 4pm, Monday - Friday, term time only).